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Known for her authenticity on-screen, Sophie has presented a wide variety of British conservation films, and delivered popular talks, conducted interviews, and chaired panel discussions ranging from spotlighting endangered species, nature-connectedness, rewilding, expedition/adventure and eco-politics.


5 x 15 @ The Eden Project

Kendal Mountain Festival

On The Edge

Sophie presents this compelling collaborative project between award-winning filmmaker Nina Constable and Beaver Trust. An exploration of Britain's rivers, and how river buffers could restore freshwater ecosystems.

Beavers Without Borders

In this award-winning documentary, follow Sophie throughout the UK and overseas as she discovers the extraordinary world of beavers, what they do for the environment, and the people bringing them back to Britain.

Journey to the Sea

As the rivers Taw and Torridge spill out in the estuary we join Sophie as she discovers new and surprising places to explore right here on her doorstep. 

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