Forget Me Not

Join Sophie Pavelle on a journey around Britain in search of ten animals and habitats threatened by climate change in the 21st century.


With joyful humour and passionate determination, Sophie describes the low-carbon trips she took around Britain to see ten rare native species first-hand: species that are in danger of disappearing entirely by 2050.


Enlisting the help of experts, she helps us understand these charismatic species, from the harbour porpoise and grey long-eared bat to the Atlantic salmon and mountain hare, exploring the problems they are facing and what can be done to save them – or whether it’s already too late.

Funny, fascinating, and full of heart, Forget Me Not is a clarion call that challenges us to dare to hope and take action for nature.

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praise for the book

"This enchanting book could not be more timely: it brings much to inspire our future thinking, and is a joy to read."

- Joanna Lumley

"Vibrant and vital. The trials of ten treasured species

that we can’t afford to fail."


- Chris Packham


"Beautiful. Rare. Profound. Hopeful."


- Charlotte Philby


"Full of humour, adventure, poignancy. It will make you value the country around you and even hungrier to protect it. Remarkable."

- Nell Frizzell

the story behind the book

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I have written this book because I’m worried that we’ll forget what we’re losing. I’m worried that we’re moving too fast within these lives we’ve built for ourselves, at the expense of what makes it worth living on this planet. The species that give life meaning. The species that got here first.


This book is my tribute to these species and their habitats. It’s also my tribute to science and the utterly brilliant, brave people fighting this essential fight. And it’s the honour of my life to have the opportunity to tell this story.


Together, we’ll journey to find those not to be forgotten. We all need to be the verb. This book is my attempt.

- Sophie.